Tile And Grout Cleaning Plano, TX

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Tile And Grout Cleaning Plano, TX

Ceramic tile floors are pride and beauty to the home. They are also the first choice to an intelligent homeowner with an eye for durability and a desire for a great variety of textures, colors, and styles to fit any architectural features.

Despite their legendary durability, the tile floors in your home need special care and attention. When properly cared for, your tile floors will look good as new for decades to come. Furthermore, taking some of the pitfalls of tile cleaning into consideration can help you avoid them and increase the longevity of your tiles.

tile and grout cleaning plano

In the following article, you will find a comprehensive guide to keeping your tile floors clean and fresh for a lifetime.

1. Dust Control

All that dust and hair and debris that you see accumulate on the floor is not good, but what you can’t see is even worse. The finest particles of grime can become lodged in the minuscule textures of the tile floor and greatly impair the luster and shine of your tiles. Make sure you keep the floors as clean as you can. In some places, a good sweeping and vacuuming twice a week is more than enough. In homes with pets and small animals, once or even twice a day is a better idea.

2. Mopping

Tiles have an unrivaled resistance to the effects of moisture and fluid absorption, so the best way to clear up any firmly affixed dirt and greasy stains is with warm water and a mild detergent or floor cleaning solution. This can be done with a conventional mop or a sponge mop as well.

After sweeping the floor and collecting as much of the debris as possible, you can begin using the mop. Prepare your mop water and begin cleaning the room in a systematic fashion beginning with the edges and working your way to the center. After mopping over the floor once, rinse out the mop and go over it one more time to ensure all traces of grime and debris are lifted.

As you clean all the tiles in your home, be sure you change out the mop water frequently. Using dirty mop water will only succeed in pushing more dirt and debris into the tiny fissures and textures of your tile floor and deteriorate the final look. Furthermore, this accumulation of dirt becomes more obvious as time goes by.

3. Especially Dirty Floors

If you are cleaning the kitchen tile after a large and messing cooking operation, extreme cleaning conditions will be needed. You can strengthen the cleaning power of your mild detergent with the addition of a cup of all-purpose white vinegar or even lemon juice. These are especially potent grease cutters and can lift up the most stubborn stains.

Never underestimate the second treatment and follow up a good mopping with a once over to ensure the floor is free of all contaminants that can deteriorate your tile floor.

4. Addressing the Grout

No matter how often you clean your floors, the grout between the tiles always collects dirt and becomes discolored before the rest. It is vitally important to treat your grout with a regular cleaning to keep it from detracting from the overall beauty of your floors.

Grout is slightly more porous that tile and therefore attracts grease and dirt much better and can define regular cleaning methods. Nevertheless, cleaning the grout well does not always call for the use of a dedicated grout cleaner. Sometimes a simple solution with the cleaning agents you have in your home will do the trick.

Always avoid mixing cleaning chemicals together as some of these may produce a strong chemical reaction and noxious fumes. Choosing a soapy solution will lift some of the dirt and cut the grease as well. Cleaning agents with bubbling action can also do a very good job of lifting contaminants from deep within the porous material.

5. Deep Cleaning

For very dirty grout, the application of a toothbrush can be an effective solution and usually does a good job too. The problem is that this task is especially straining on the back and joints. A better alternative would be to hire a cleaning crew equipped with a steam or chemical cleaning apparatus.

A steam cleaner can be rented, but it takes a professional to handle the potent chemical cleaners that can really leave the tiles in perfect conditions. Furthermore, these dedicated professionals can offer other services like resealing grout which increases its resilience to dirt and contaminants. If you need tile and grout cleaning Plano, contact us today!

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