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Tile And Grout Cleaning Irving, Texas

Tile as a flooring material has lots of advantages besides looking rich and elegant. It’s nearly impervious to water and dirt since the glazing of the tile is as hard as a rock and as resistant to water as glass. That makes it very hard to stain, wear out, break, or discolor. Tile floors can last many decades under hard traffic without showing any wear patterns. It can be swept easily, dirt doesn’t stick, and damp mopping takes care of the rest. There are some regular maintenance tasks that need to be done when the tile is used in damp or wet locations like showers, bathrooms, or laundry rooms. Here are some tips on cleaning your tile and grout.

Most Regular Maintenance Is A Breeze

Tile is so easy to take care of that you can normally just sweep it in a few minutes per day. If some really muddy shoes have been through, you can take a wet mop and make quick work of any stuck on mud or dirt. In rare occasions, you might need to add some detergent cleaner to get really tough dirt or stains off, but not often.

The grout, which is the cement-based material between the tiles, is usually the hardest to get clean. It is a little more porous in nature, and it’s possible for some stains to soak in. In addition to that, mold and mildew can take up residence in damp grout and become hard to clean.

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How To Take Care Of Mold And Mildew In Your Grout

Both are types of fungi that come in many different forms. It is possible for some types of black molds to emit harmful spores and some people are highly allergic to molds as well. Either way, they are unsightly in your tile grout and should be kept cleaned out and prevented.

If you have deeply embedded dark mold in your grout, just regular cleaners might not be able to clean and eliminate it. Once it has taken hold, it’s harder to get rid of. In that case, it’s best to make some homemade tile and grout cleaner to get the job done.

The Best Homemade Tile And Grout Cleaner

If you read the labels on the tile and grout cleaner products at the local store, you’ll note that the main active ingredient in most of them is sodium hypochlorite, which is the chemical name for common household bleach that you use in your laundry. It is, however, very strong and should not be messed with if you’re not going to be careful and wear protective gloves, eye-wear, and maybe an apron.

Mixing your own, homemade tile and grout cleaner is very inexpensive compared to buying it at the store. You should only mix up what you’re going to use right away so that it isn’t mistaken for some other cleaner by an unsuspecting spouse or child.

tile and grout cleaning irving

The strongest measure to clean and kill mold in tiles is to mix one cup of household bleach into a gallon of water. Make sure you’re wearing your rubber gloves and eye protection, then open a window and turn on the fan. Use a sponge or spray bottle to thoroughly wet the grout that has mildewed and all of the surrounding area. Let that sit for up to 20 minutes to do its work.

Then, dip a very hard bristled brush into the bleach solution and scrub the grout lines in both directions. Then, let the cleaner sit again until it has bleached all of the grout lines back to their original color. Repeat the process if the mold is deeply embedded. You can mix up a small spray bottle of bleach in the same mixture by putting one ounce of bleach in about 16 ounces of water. Then spray that mixture onto the tile and grout every month to prevent a re-occurrence of mold growth.

If you’re getting mold growth in a normally dry area of tile, it’s because it’s damp some of the time. If you fix the water problem, you’ll have less mold. However, in the bathroom around the tub or sink, you really can’t fix the water problems, you’ll just have to combat the mold regularly with bleach. If you do choose to keep your bleach mixture on hand, and not pour it out after each time you use it, mark it well, and put it in a marked plastic bag to keep others from mistaking it for regular cleaners just to be safe.

Keep in mind, that all of this is a lot of work. If you don’t want to do it yourself, give us a call today and schedule a deep cleaning by Irving tile and grout cleaning professionals!

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