Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaning


Hardwood Flooring, along with Luxury Vinyl, have been a top choice of flooring for many homeowners and office buildings. Just like carpet, upholstery, and tile, your hardwood of vinyl/laminate flooring needs to be maintained before permanent damage takes place. Maintaining your flooring can be achieved for a fraction of the cost of replacement and extend your flooring’s life beyond its normal lifespan.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Maintenance In Dallas

Wood Floor

For newer hardwood floors, our deep wood cleaning process will removing dust, dirt, and grit that is embedded in the groves and texture of the floor. A cleaning solution is applied to floor and immediately scrubbed and extracted to carry away the dirt and grim.

Deep Cleaning & Protection

This is for floors that have dulled but do not have deep scratches. We use our wood floor cleaning process to remove the dirt and grime, as well as residues from cleaning agents you may have used. When the floor is dry after cleaning, we’ll apply a protective coating to help protect the hardwood floor from scratches.

Deep Scrub & Protection

Our completely sandless wood floor rejuvenation process allows us to remove the top layer of protection, along with dirt and soil on the surface of the wood. This is not a sanding process and will not remove deep scratches.  It can help remove small imperfections in your wood floor, giving it the beautiful look you fell in love with.

We also offer laminate and vinyl floor cleaning that follows a similar process to our hardwood floor cleaning service.

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