Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have my tile & grout cleaned?

Just like any other floor surface, dirt and grime build up over time which can dull the appearance of your tile and also discolor your grout lines. The best way to remove this dirt and grime is to have a professional thoroughly clean your tile & grout floors.

How do you clean my tile & grout?

We have a 4 part system that we use to clean your tile & grout effectively. First, we apply an environmentally safe solution to your tile & grout floors which emulsifies the dirt. Secondly, we allow the solution enough time to dwell to reach its maximum potential. Next we agitate the grout lines with a grout cleaning brush. Finally we use a high pressure rotary tool with dual rotating jets to clean the floor and extract the dirt and grime out to our truck. We use over 200 degrees of heat to steam and clean your floors back to looking new.

How often should I have my floor cleaned?

There are a number of factors that are involved when considering how often your floors should be cleaned. The family size, children, pets, and foot traffic can play a huge role in how often you should have your floors cleaned. The higher traffic areas like kitchens and hallways may need more attention over time.

How long will it take to have my tile & grout floors cleaned?

For an average sized room up to 250 sq ft it typically takes 30-60 minutes to clean your tile & grout depending on how much furniture needs to be moved. To clean and seal your tile & grout floors it typically takes between 60-90 minutes per area.

Why should I have my grout lines sealed?

Grout lines are porous and soak in liquids and dirt that cause staining. By properly sealing your grout lines you will help avoid the appearance of staining over time. Even by mopping daily you are pushing the dirt and grime into the grout lines when not properly sealed. Sealant provides a barrier between the porous grout and the day to day dirt. It is HIGHLY recommended to have your grout lines sealed after a thorough professional cleaning.

How long does the sealant last on your grout lines?

Our sealer has a life expectancy of 3-5 years with proper maintenance.

Do I have to use a special floor cleaner if I have the sealant applied?

Yes. To preserve the life of the sealant we recommend you use a neutral ph cleaner on your floor. This will help avoid the breakdown of the sealant over time. Rinsing your floors with just water after a neutral ph cleaner will help. Try to avoid bleach and other harsh chemicals as these can breakdown the sealant prematurely. DO NOT use vinegar, lemon juice, or other cleaners containing acids or harsh abrasives.

How long do I need to stay off the floors after the sealant is applied?

In order for the sealant to dry we recommend that you wait 30 minutes before walking on your tile and grout floors. It will take 24 hours for the sealant to cure completely. We also recommend that you refrain from using any liquids coming in contact with your floor during that time, allowing it to cure properly.

What is a clear seal?

A clear seal is an invisible layer of protection that penetrates into the pores of the grout. You will not be able to visibly tell by the appearance of the grout lines. After the sealant has cured you can test the grout lines by dropping a small amount of water and watching it repel off of the grout. The sealant places a barrier between the grout and dirt/spills, allowing you more time to clean them up before they soak into the grout lines. However, it is not waterproof.

What is a color seal?

Our premium color seal restoration will restore your grout to its original color. We have many colors to pick from and we can match the perfect color for you. After your tile & grout is properly cleaned we can restore any discoloration of your grout lines to look new again! Not only does it improve the cosmetic appearance of your grout lines, but the color seal provides a protective waterproof barrier that guards your grout from spills, dirt, and debris.

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