What You Need to Know When Choosing a Grout Sealing Service

What You Need To Know When Choosing A Grout Sealing Service

Grout Sealing Service in Dallas

When a homeowner installs new tile on their walls, floors, countertops, or showers, they may not be sure if it’s necessary to seal the grout. If a professional does the insulation of the tiles they will typically not seal the grout immediately because they want to give it enough time to cure. Once the grout has had enough time to dry thoroughly it will be necessary to use a sealer to protect the installation and investment. Here we will take a look at what you need to know when choosing a grout sealing service.

Grout sealing before and after

Because grout is very porous it can build easily with bacteria and grime which can cause damage to the grout and cause it to discolor over time. What started out as quite beautiful gets to where it’s worn down and dirty and stays that way no matter what you do. Once the grout gets to that point it won’t matter how much you mop it or scrub it, as it will never return to the original color and look. For this reason, it’s very important that you get a professional grout sealing service to seal it right after that tile has been laid and the grout has been given time to completely dry. If the grout has already become discolored you can speak with a grout sealing service about having a color sealant applied.

Three Tips To Follow When Choosing A Grout Sealing Service

Research Grout Sealing Companies

Whenever getting a professional service company to perform services on your home it’s important that you take a little time and research the company and their reputation. In the past, it was sometimes difficult to find out what other customers who have already received a company’s service thought of the work that was done. Even if you asked a company to provide you with references it was likely that they gave you the ones that they knew would give a good recommendation.

But today we are all fortunate enough to have the internet. It is very difficult for a company to hide their reputation from social media and other platforms that allow customers to place their honest review of a company, a product, or services. This is why that you should check those resources and research their reputation. When getting your tile and grout cleaned, it is essential that you get your grout sealed properly.

If a company is big enough you should expect that they will have some complaints but the key is whether or not the bad reviews are overwhelming or if most of the reviews are good while a few are bad. Always keep in mind that if a company has been around for a long time and has many customers they may have some complaints but as long as they work diligently to resolve those complaints and the majority of reviews are good, then they’re likely a company worth using. Take the time to do this research before choosing.

Ask If They Provide Grout Color Sealing

Many homeowners choose to go with a grout color sealing because it allows them to more specifically color match the scheme of the area. It also provides the very best type of protection when it comes to grout sealing. This will not only lock in a particular color that you are looking for but it protects the grout itself so that even when a spill happens there’s no need to rush to clean it up. The seal itself will hold and protect the grout from the spill.

Will They Demo The Product?

There are some situations where two or more colors may be very close and you may think that you want one but once it’s applied you find that it is the other that you really needed. To prevent this from happening you may want to ask the grout sealing service if they can provide the opportunity for you to see the colors against your tile so that you can make sure that you’re choosing the precise color for your needs. This can save a lot of back and forth and redoing, as well as frustration.

It is of utmost importance that you seal your grout after you have installed your tile and given the grout time to dry but to better ensure that it is done right and that the finished project looks exactly the way you want it, it is highly recommended that you get a professional grout sealing service. This will mean that you can seal it so that it’s protected from bacteria and other debris that could cause damage and discoloration. It also means that the finished product will look the way you want it to.

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