how to get smell out of carpet

How to Get the Smell Out of a Carpet: Top 5 Tips

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At CleanBright of Dallas, we offer a full range of cleaning services. We field skilled and experienced experts who know how to get the smell out of your carpet. Whether your pet made a mess, something spilled, or you have old carpets, we restore your floor coverings to pristine condition.

The carpets in your home or business property serve many purposes, including beautifying your spaces and cushioning floors. Carpets are soft and absorbent, but these features can also allow various contaminants to build up. These unwanted substances can include:

  • Bacteria
  • Mold or mildew
  • Pet urine
  • Sweat from clothes 
  • Cigarette smoke

The good news is that you likely have many odor-removing carpet-cleaning products in your home already. Using the techniques below, you can get rid of pesky smells without much effort.

1.   Baking Soda Works Wonders

When it comes to removing odors from cigarette smoke, a cup of baking soda can be effective. To begin, spread fresh baking soda liberally on the affected areas of the carpet. Next, work it into the carpet with a roller, your feet, or another tool.

By allowing it to set in for half an hour and then vacuuming the carpet, you can enjoy a fresher carpet.

2.   Vinegar’s Hidden Talents

White vinegar is excellent for mold and mildew odors. First, mix one part white vinegar with two parts warm water. Put the mixture into a spray bottle and apply to the carpet. Spray just enough to moisten the surface lightly. Finally, allow it to dry thoroughly for best results.

3.   Club Soda Does the Job

Pet urine on carpets causes foul smells. It can be hard to remove, but the compressed carbon in club soda can save the day. When released, its deep-cleaning action aerates and removes urine from carpets.

Simply pour club soda from a new container over the problem areas. Use a fan, dryer, or open window to apply fresh air to the treated area. Then, use a towel or rag to remove excess club soda.

4.   Vodka Is Your Secret Weapon

Vodka works well for removing odors that bacteria cause. First, find a spray bottle and add vodka, then spray the vodka where needed. Leave it on the carpet for at least 15 minutes, then use a rag or towel to dry the treated area.

Next, apply some baking soda to the same part of the carpet. After half an hour, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the excess baking soda.

5.   Better Together

You can also remove tough pet urine smells with an effective combination of baking soda, white vinegar, and warm water.

Mix four tablespoons of baking soda with two cups of warm water and the same amount of white vinegar, then use a spray bottle to apply to the problem carpet. Allow no more than five minutes to soak. Finally, use a chamois or towel to dry the treated area.

The above tips from CleanBright can restore your air quality and satisfaction to new levels. You can read more tips about the myths of carpet cleaning, too. Call us now at 972-835-6206.

how to remove blood from carpet

How to Remove Blood from Carpet: Best Methods

There are times when life leaves us facing challenging situations and their messes. From severe injuries to minor accidents, sometimes it’s impossible to avoid getting difficult stains like blood on the carpet.

If you’re facing carpet cleanup after an injury, don’t stress. With the proper steps, you can get your carpet looking good as new.

At CleanBright, we understand the struggle of keeping carpet clean. We’re Dallas’ professional carpet cleaners, and if an active lifestyle has left your carpet looking like a crime scene, we’re here to help. In this blog, we cover how to remove blood from carpet using three DIY methods, starting with the least abrasive process and leading into some heavy hitters.

Our team knows that carpet messes come in all types and sizes. To learn more about emergency carpet care and stain removal, keep browsing our blog or give us a call today for personalized recommendations and more.

Method #1: Cold Water and Starch

The simplest way to remove blood stains from carpets starts with cold water to “soak” the stain. Avoid using dish soap or warm water for this process because blood tends to thicken and “stick” to surfaces as it heats up.

Use a damp cloth or sponge to wet the stained area while being careful not to spread the stain. Once the area is saturated, use a dry cloth to gently dab the stain, soaking up as much water and blood as possible.

After dabbing the stain, sprinkle corn starch or potato starch on the affected carpet fiber and let it dry for 24 hours. Once dry, vacuum the area.

Method #2: Hydrogen Peroxide

Another popular method to get blood out of carpets uses hydrogen peroxide. Before utilizing this or any carpet cleaning method, be sure to spot-test on a hidden patch of carpet to ensure that the chemical doesn’t change the color of your carpets.

If the stain is small, dab a cotton swab into hydrogen peroxide and gently apply it to the affected area. Use a cleaning cloth or sponge to apply the chemical to larger stains. Avoid pouring the chemical, as the stain may spread if it becomes too dilute.

Method #3: Ammonia Solution

If you’ve tried the above methods and still find yourself wondering how to remove blood from carpet, an ammonia solution might be the answer for you. Use this method in a well-ventilated area and, as always, use protection such as gloves during the cleaning process.

Mix one tablespoon of ammonia and half a cup of warm water. Place the mixture in a spray bottle or apply with a sponge, gently blotting the stain with an absorbent material until all liquid is absorbed. Gently “rinse” the area when the stain lifts by blotting with cold water.

Get Professional Carpet Cleaning Help Today

Don’t tackle the tough stains alone. If a sudden accident has you wondering how to remove blood from carpet, reach out to the experts to find a solution fast. At CleanBright, we help our clients make informed decisions about their floor care needs. Give us a call today to learn how often you should clean your carpet, what materials are best to use, and more.

how often should you clean carpet

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet? Scheduling Guide

Whether the weather brings messy winter storms or wet fall showers, our carpets need a little extra TLC. 

We Already Vacuum Regularly. Isn’t That Enough?

There’s no doubt that we all want to make our home clean enough to keep the family healthy and tidy enough to welcome guests. Most of us have a cleaning routine that includes regular vacuuming of the carpets; however, the weather can be devastating, and our carpets and floors feel the brunt of the abuse.

So, how often should you clean your carpets during seasons of harsh weather? Is it time to consider a deeper carpet cleaning in Dallas from CleanBright?

What Exactly Is the Weather Leaving in Our Carpets?

The most obvious thing we think of when it comes to weather is dampness and moisture in the carpets. Most of us do everything we can to minimize this kind of impact; however, even with removing shoes at the door and heating our homes to a very comfortable temperature, dampness and moisture can linger. Over time, this leads to mold and mildew, requiring replacement of the carpet altogether. 

The next thing to think about is the continuous heating of our homes all season. In ensuring that we stay warm, we button up our homes. Windows stay shut. Curtains stay closed. We reduce traffic in and out of doors.

While we are keeping warm, our homes are being stifled. The lack of fresh air flowing through our homes means that dust and allergens build up despite frequent cleanings. 

Do We Need to Have Our Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

The answer to this is both “yes” and “no.” Some simple advice is to increase the number of times you vacuum your carpet every week. We already know that if we have a high-traffic home, especially if we have pets, we need to vacuum more than once a week; however, when the weather gets worse, we should consider bumping this up to every few days to keep up with the debris and dampness.

Whether additional cleaning is needed is easier to identify in light colored carpets. Any mud or dirt will be much more visible in lighter carpets, but darker carpets won’t show as many signs that it’s time for a thorough cleaning.

If it isn’t already a part of your normal cleaning routine, regular steam cleaning is also highly recommended. There are a variety of two-in-one home vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners available on the market, making steam cleaning affordable and easy to add to the cleaning schedule. Even with the regular steam cleaning of our carpets, a full-service professional steam cleaning can go a long way toward maintaining and increasing the life of our carpets.

Additional cleaning measures should also be considered for maintaining hardwood floors during seasons of wet, harsh weather. In addition to mold and mildew, dampness and moisture can warp, damage, or degrade hardwood floors, making them unsafe.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet? Get Answers Today!

If you aren’t sure if you’re cleaning your carpets and floors enough, consider talking to a professional about your options. We can help you answer questions about how often you should clean your carpet and how to keep your carpet in optimal condition.

Call us at (972) 835-6206 to schedule a professional cleaning today.

Do You Have to Move Furniture for Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet CleaningAccording to a study published in 2018, carpets accounted for 51% of the total US flooring market. The same study indicates that carpets tend to collect dust, dirt, pet dander, pollutants, cockroach allergens, and germs easily. A build-up of pollutants has negative health implications, especially in people susceptible to adverse allergic reactions.

Asthma affects more than 24 million Americans, of which 6 million are children.

While regular vacuuming is mandatory, experts recommend a periodic deep cleaning to eliminate the build-up of pollutants, allergens, and dust mites. But how do professional carpet cleaners work around furniture? Do they move them around, or are you expected to? Here’s everything you need to know about carpet cleaning, the process, moving and protecting your furniture, and much more.

Prepare for Carpet Cleaning

Generally, professional carpet cleaning companies will let you know everything you need to do beforehand and how to prepare your home.

Here are a few tips to prepare your home ahead of cleaning and make the experience a better one for you and the cleaning service.

  • Declutter as much as possible and pack away the toys, rugs, mats, and other knick-knacks.
  • Move small pieces of furniture such as dining room chairs, table lamps, etc., out of the way.
  • Remove fragile items and valuables and put them away for safekeeping.
  • Anything that is of high replacement value should be under the supervision of the homeowner.
  • Pin up your floor-length curtains and draperies out of the way.
  • Vacuum high traffic areas to remove the surface dirt and debris as much as possible. While some companies may vacuum first, others rely on the homeowner. You can save money by doing your own vacuuming.
  • If you move furniture to vacuum underneath, ensure that you move it back to its original position so that it doesn’t cover the traffic area next to it.
  • Use foam padding or painter’s tape on baseboards, corners, doorways, etc., to protect them from the cleaning cords.
  • Make a note of the stains and the problem areas in the carpet and let your carpet cleaner know during the pre-inspection.
  • Clear the driveway or the parking spot near your home in order to facilitate easy access to the truck-mounted equipment.
  • Confine your pets to a safe place away from all the noise.

Carpet Cleaning without Moving Furniture

The real challenge when cleaning your carpet is to get underneath the heavy furnishings and also behind them. But by following the below steps, the carpet cleaning company can do the job effectively without having to move your furniture.

  • Organize your room by picking up the toys and other clutter around the room—dust off the blinds, furniture, window frames, baseboards, etc.
  • Vacuum the carpets using the proper attachments depending on the carpeting. Ensure that you cover the edges and the area hidden behind and underneath the furniture using the nozzle attachment.
  • Adjust the height of the vacuum to the correct height depending on the type of carpet.
  • Take your time and vacuum slowly, going over every area again and again.

Do Carpet Cleaners Move Furniture?

Moving Furniture - Pros Moving SofaWhile most cleaning services recommend moving small tables, electronics, photographs, plants, etc., out of the way, they do not touch the big and bulky furniture pieces such as china cabinets, pianos, entertainment centers, bookshelves, including other antiques, and heirloom pieces.

Some carpet cleaners charge for moving furniture while others do not. Talk with your carpet cleaning professionals and come to a mutual agreement. In case you want the cleaning team to move furniture, you may have to provide them with a written release of liability.

Protect Furniture When Cleaning Carpets

While every cleaner recommends you to move furniture, it is always not possible due to any of the below reasons:

  • Too heavy to move
  • No space to store
  • Not enough time

If any of these situations apply to you, here’s how you can protect your furniture from water and chemical cleaning agents.

Furniture Coasters: Coasters are little pads you keep below the furniture legs to protect the carpet. In this case, you can use it to protect your furniture.

Blankets and Cardboard: You can layer blankets and cardboard around your furniture in the absence of a coaster.

How Does Carpet Cleaning Work?

There are quite a few different methods for cleaning your carpets. A professional cleaning service can clean not just your carpet but also upholstery, rugs, and other textiles. Every material requires a different method.

Here are a few cleaning methods and how they work:

  • Hot Water Extraction

Otherwise called steam cleaning, this method involves a cleaning agent applied at high pressure through a jet nozzle. A grooming tool then agitates the carpet fibers and dissolves the pollutants, closely followed by a hot water rinsing. Finally, the water is then extracted using a vacuum.

  • Absorbent Compound

Also known as dry cleaning, this method is ideal for someone who doesn’t want a wet carpet. It uses an absorbent compound that binds to the pollutants, which the carpet cleaner then vacuums up after some time.

  • Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is done by machines with spinning pads immersed in cleaning solutions. They clean superficially but are the fastest of all cleaning techniques.

  • Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing uses shampoo in the form of foam which is then brushed into the carpet. The shampoo is then removed via wet vacuuming. Finally, a dry vacuum dries the carpet and removes all the traces of residue.

Safest Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

Steam cleaning, otherwise called hot water extraction, is the best and the safest professional cleaning process. It removes at least 97% of the dirt and bacteria from the surface of the carpet.

Moreover, it also reaches the lowest layer of the carpet, cleaning thoroughly, making it the ideal method to clean difficult stains.

However, if you want your carpet ready for foot traffic, dry cleaning is the better option.

Cost for a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning CostAccording to Home Guide, the cost to clean the carpet in an average three-bedroom house is $175. The charge per room is approximately $25 – $70, depending on the size of the room.

For a larger house, the cost will be around $300 – $600.

A professional cleaning company may charge extra for moving furniture. They will inform the clients of the price quote before the job begins.


Carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians are not allowed to move heavy furniture. While you do not need to move furniture to clean your carpet, doing so will give you a thorough cleaning.

Try moving small things, anything that can be shifted out to allow enough room for easy and detailed cleaning.

Talk to your carpet cleaner and come to an agreement before the job about the items that can be moved and the charge for the same. This ensures that both parties on the same page about moving furniture during the cleaning.

CleanBright 100% Satisfaction Guarantee BadgeIf you would like to have your carpeting thoroughly cleaned, contact CleanBright carpet and floor cleaning specialists for a free quote today. CleanBright has over 10 years of experience in professional carpet cleaning, and all their services are backed by a complete satisfaction guarantee, so they’ll give your money back if you’re unhappy.

Carpet Cleaning Myths

Carpet Cleaning Myths

Millions of people worldwide use carpets and rugs to accentuate the look of their home or office. Over the centuries, carpets have endured various forms of mistreatment. Pollutants, such as pollens, mud, and pet stains, can ruin our spaces’ look and smell. They can also diminish the resale value of a property. There are ways to restore the look, smell, and value of the carpet, but there are also ways to destroy it. Do you want to avoid the latter? Do you want the best for your carpet? Common carpet cleaning myths about how to care for your carpet could lead to unnecessary time and cost. It is essential to know the facts about keeping your carpets clean. Here are 10 carpet cleaning myths and common mistakes that could cost you money and time.

Carpet Cleaning Myths 1: All Carpet is the Same, All Carpet Cleaning Methods are the Same

Fact: There are four main types of carpets: woven, knotted, needle felt, and tufted. Each carpet type has a different weave, function, and durability. Depending on the type of carpet in your home or office, the cleaning method will change. Buying into the myths that all carpets are the same leads to disasters. Using the wrong carpet cleaning path could result in you having to replace the carpets in your home or office. While vacuuming is one way to keep your carpets clean, there are several other steps that help keep your carpeting plush and presentable.

Carpet cleaning procedures

Before you purchase a product or follow the DIY advice that you find online, talk to a professional about the right carpet cleaning method for your carpet. Go Clean Bright understands that carpet is as unique as the people who walk on it. Our professional cleaning services are designed to protect your carpet by using the correct solutions to make sure you receive the best outcome.

Carpet Cleaning Myths 2: If the carpet does not look dirty, it does not need to be cleaned

Fact: While you may not see a spot on your carpet, there are invisible dangers underneath the surface. Carpet fibers are a haven for all sorts of microorganisms and other contaminants. Humans and pets track in dirt, pollens, and germs from the outside. These pollutants build up over time. They can cause rashes, breathing problems, and spread viruses. If you are allergic to dust, pollen, or pet dander, vacuuming is only the first step. You will need to hire professional carpet cleaners to make sure that the air you are breathing is safe. In most cases, hiring a professional carpet cleaning service should be done once a year. If you have pets or children, it should be done more frequently.

Does removing a carpet improve air quality?

Another common, costly carpet cleaning myth many homeowners make is to try to improve the air quality in their home by removing all the carpet in favor of tile, wood, or stone floors. It is true that carpet acts as a filter for all sorts of microscopic debris that exists in your home, but you don’t have to remove it. The key is maintenance. By hiring a trusted expert in carpet cleaning solutions, you get to enjoy the warmth that a carpet pattern brings to a room without compromising your health.

Carpet Cleaning Myths 3: Baking Soda and other powered deodorizers eliminates odors

Fact: A common mistake people make is to confuse a carpet deodorizer with an effective carpet cleaning stain remover. Deodorizers are not designed to clean or remove carpet stains. While Baking Soda and other deodorizers may cover the stain’s smell, they do not remove the problem. The remaining stain means the scent will keep returning. When the smell returns, many people use more deodorizer to cover it up again. The source of the stain clings to the powder, and the powder is absorbed into the carpet fibers. It is almost impossible to remove all the stain-soaked powder from the carpet. It can result in permanent damage to your carpet and pad. The only solution to cleaning pet stains out of your carpet is to remove the stain from the padding and carpet layers through a reputable carpet cleaning method.

Carpet Cleaning Myths 4: Any type of cleaning solution can be used on carpet and rugs

Fact: There is nothing worse than discovering a spot on your carpet. Spots can be caused by pet urine; art supplies; liquid; debris from outside; and much more. There are a variety of cleaning methods available to remove stains from the carpet, such as carpet shampoos and spot cleaners. The biggest mistake people make is to use a cleaning chemical not designed for carpet cleaning on their carpets. For example, a paint thinner is an excellent tool to remove paint from brushes and other paint supplies, but paint thinner should never be used to clean your carpet.

Don’t use paint thinner!

The thinner destroys the carpet fibers and the carpet pad. Many different types of non-carpet cleaners contain bleach and other harsh chemicals that could permanently discolor your carpet. Using the wrong kind of shampoo could leave permanent streaks in your carpet, diminishing the look and feel of the carpeting. The worse part is the first you wanted to remove will still be there.

Another carpet cleaning misconception is that you can avoid hiring professional carpet cleaners by buying one of the big-name carpet cleaning chemicals available at any supermarket or Home Depot. The problem with this option is that many of the familiar carpet cleaning products attract dirt to the spot. Some products may call for vacuuming or scrubbing the stain. There are times when this direction could cause more damage to the state of your carpet, especially in high traffic areas. Using the wrong carpet cleaning agents could result in damage that could be beyond the repair of even the best carpet cleaning services.

Before you apply any over-the-counter or do-it-yourself product to your carpet, speaks to one of the knowledgeable technicians at Go Clean Bright. It will save you time and money!

Carpet Cleaning Myths 5: It is less expensive to rent a steam cleaner than to hire a professional carpet cleaning service

Fact: It is true that on the surface, renting a steam cleaner is cost-effective. The drawback is in the quality of the machine. Steam cleaning is only effective if the machine has enough suction to do the deep clean needed. Steam cleaners that are usually available for household chores tend to leave behind residual dirt, which can cause expensive problems down the line.

More rental carpet cleaning machine issues

Another issue with rented units is that not all companies clean their machines between rentals. This means that you are bringing someone else’s dirt and germs into your home. Rented machines can become clogged or have other technical issues that can damage your carpet or rug. If a homeowner took the DIY path, there is no recourse for damaged carpet.

Go Clean Bright values your trust. We know that the decision to hire a carpet cleaning company represents the time and money you may want to use elsewhere. We pride ourselves on taking the very best care of your carpets and rugs so that you experience the value of your purchase every day.

Carpet Cleaning Myths 6: Steam cleaning can cause mold or mildew to develop

Fact: Steam cleaning only causes mold and mildew if it is not done correctly. Over-shampooing your carpet or using too much carpet shampoo can cause the carpet to remain damp for several days. This will cause mold or mildew to take root in the pad, and it can spread to the sub-floor of the house. Excess carpet shampoo is absorbed into the carpet fibers making cleaning your carpet that much tougher the next time. If you are concerned about the carpeting in your home or office, contact Go Clean Bright immediately.

Mold health issues

Mold and mildew can be a very serious health risk. Hot water extraction is often the most effective way to kill mold and mildew. The Go Clean Bright team has an in-depth knowledge of moister damage and how to protect your carpet. We can complete this vital project in a timely and professional manner. We know that cleaning your carpet is important to your health and maintenance of your home.

Carpet Cleaning Myths 7: Cleaning my carpets will cause them to get dirty faster

Fact: Like the other myths on this list, myth #7 is only true if your carpet is not cleaned correctly. If you use the wrong products to clean your carpets, leave vacuuming to an occasional occupation, or do other things that damage your carpet, it will become more polluted each time you clean your carpet.

When you clean your carpet, make sure you follow the guidance of a professional. Go Clean Bright is licensed and insured to ensure that the task of cleaning your carpet is goes as smoothly as possible. We will always leave your carpets better than we found them.

Carpet Cleaning Myths 8: Dry cleaning is better than steam cleaning

Fact: The answer to this myth depends on the type of carpeting you want to clean. Both carpet cleaning methods have their pros and cons. The dry cleaning method leaves your carpets drier than steam cleaning. The con to dry cleaning is that it is better suited for surface cleaning. This means homeowners miss out on the deep clean needed to remove tough stains and dirt that might have reached the carpet backing and beyond. Dry cleaning can leave residue in the carpet that causes the carpet to collect dirt and other allergens faster. Once these pollutants take hold, vacuuming isn’t enough. Depending on the type of carpets in your home or office, you may need the steam cleaning option.

Fire or storm damage to carpets

Carpets impacted by fire or storm damage must be cleaned by a professional using the hot water extraction method. Smoke damage from fires can cause lung issues and allergies. Storm damage can cause black molds and other toxins to grow in the carpet.

Some homeowners have expressed concern about steam cleaning shrinking their carpet. This is untrue. Modern carpets are mostly synthetic. They are designed not to shrink when a professional carpet cleaner is used. The benefit of working with a company like Go Clean Bright is that we know carpets. We can determine before we begin if your carpet is a good match for dry cleaning or steam cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Myths 9: Vacuuming too much can damage my carpet

Fact: Modern carpet is designed to endure lots of vacuuming. Vacuum cleaning is an important part of your carpet maintenance. Vacuum cleaning your carpets, especially in high traffic areas, will contribute to the life and look of your carpet. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner you use is appropriate for the type of carpet you have installed. For example, cleaning your carpet with a “shop-vac” is not the best way to care for your carpet. Such a device could destroy the carpet and the pad underneath. If you need help choosing the correct vacuum to use when you clean your carpet, contact Go Clean Bright for more information. We can tell you all about the best vacuum cleaner to use to keep your carpets clean.

Another common myth about vacuuming is that carpets do not need to be vacuumed if they are new. Remember Myth #2. Your carpet is designed to hide dirt, but that does not mean that you have clean carpets. In fact, by the time the dirt is visible, the damage is already done. The longer you wait to have your carpets cleaned, the more difficult the process will become. Do not be fooled by “stain-resistant” carpets. Stain-guards can wear off over time. Your carpet needs to be cared for regularly to avoid damage to your carpeting. A professional carpet cleaning company can also re-apply the stain-guard to your carpet. The best way to prolong the life of your carpets is to have them professionally cleaned every 6-12 months.

Carpet Cleaning Myths 10: All carpet cleaning companies are basically the same

Fact: This is an emphatic “No!” As you can see from the myths on the list, caring for the carpeting in your home or office should not be left up to an inexperienced carpet cleaner. Go Clean Bright is licensed and insured. We use patented technology to bring the very best results to your carpets. Our glowing, online recommendations come attached to years of experience.

We have heard all the myths about cleaning carpets. We know that there are times when it feels like less money and less work to do it yourself. This is the reason why we work diligently to combat the myths with facts and overcome the trepidation with service your mom or mother-in-law will be proud to see.

Contact Go Clean Bright to learn about all of our services. We have a stellar reputation, years of experience, and the best customer service in town. From sprucing-up to disaster recovery, we can help your carpet look and feel its best. We look forward to working with you soon!

Our 6-Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Our 6 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Expert Carpet Cleaning in Dallas

  1. Vacuuming – it is extremely important that before your carpet cleaning that the carpets are vacuumed. This removes a majority of the dry soil so that our safe cleaning solutions can work at breaking up the tougher and more stubborn soils that have attached themselves to the carpet fibers.
  2. Pre-Spray – We apply our family and pet safe cleaning solutions to break up those stubborn soils. We also carry a wide range of spotting products for more difficult to remove spots. We allow our pre-spray to dwell so that it has plenty of time to work. We don’t charge extra for pre-spray for your carpet cleaning.
  3. Hot Water Extraction – this is also known as steam carpet cleaning. Our powerful carpet cleaning machine heats the carpet cleaning solution coming into your home. Depending on your unique situation we have a few different carpet cleaning tools to use and will choose the appropriate one to get the best carpet cleaning results possible. During steam cleaning process, the water is immediately extracted and sent back to a hold tank in our van/truck. We perform extra dry strokes to remove as much soil and cleaning solution.
  4. Speed Drying – we place carpet drying fans throughout the areas that we have cleaned to speed up the drying process. This helps your carpet to dry in hours and not days. For any furniture we’ve moved, we recommend keeping any foam blocks or plastic tabs underneath the legs for 24 hours after your carpet cleaning service.
  5. Carpet Protector – this is a completely optional service but we highly recommend having it applied. Over time, the protector that was applied at the manufacturer does weaken and wear off. Having carpet protector reapplied can help your carpet to last 50% longer(or more) and help you to save money on the costs of early replacement.
  6. Enjoy Your Clean Carpet – Having a clean home or business is very refreshing, satisfying, and can put you in a great mood. Carpet acts as a filter and captures a lot of dust, dander, air pollutants, and anything else that is carried in. It needs to be cleaned and refreshed regularly. For some, that may be every 3 months however for many homeowners – having your carpet cleaned annually will keep up on appearance, soil load, allergens, and fiber retention.

Tips for Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Service

A carpet will not last for a long time if it is not properly maintained. Most people and business owners do not have the time to clean and maintain their carpets. If you are always busy, you no longer have to worry about cleaning your carpets because there are so many carpet cleaning services that can help you clean the carpets. These services send professional carpet cleaners to come to your office or home to clean your carpets. Choosing the right carpet cleaning service in Dallas is not easy. Why? Because there are so many carpet cleaning services. How do you choose the right service? You have to do your own research. A good carpet cleaning service has been cleaning carpets for several years, has a good reputation, hires the best carpet cleaners, is reliable, and has excellent customer service.

Best tips for choosing the right carpet cleaning service in Dallas.

Written Estimates

When you are doing your own research, you will come across several carpet cleaning services in Dallas. Ask these services to send their written estimates.

The best carpet cleaning services send someone to inspect your carpets. They do this because they want to make sure that they are sending correct estimates. They won’t overcharge you. After getting the estimates, you can now pick a service that you can afford.

However, there are some carpet cleaning services that may send very low quotes. Do not choose them because these services have expenses. They must pay their employees, they buy expensive detergents and some of them pay rent. Therefore, their quotes usually cover all these expenses.A carpet cleaning service that has cheap price may not have these expenses. This means that the company is not qualified for this job. The owners may only work part-time so they are not good at cleaning carpets.


Ask the carpet cleaning services for reference. The best services have worked with different people and they are not afraid to share their reference. When you get their references, contact the people on this list. Talk to them. Ask them to tell you their experience with the company. Most people are not afraid of telling you their experience.Do not rely on the reference alone because these companies know that potential clients ask for references. Therefore, they include the name of their best customers in this list. They may not give you the contact information of the people who were not satisfied with their work.


Ask the carpet cleaning service if their technicians or carpet cleaners are insured. The technician may injure himself or herself while he or she is cleaning your carpet. If the technician was not insured, you may be forced to pay for their medical bills.You don’t have to deal with the unnecessary payments because an insurance company can cover all the cost. That is why you need to make sure that the technicians who will come to clean your carpets are insured. Ask for their insurance certificates. Confirm with their insurance company if the certificates are valid.

Extra Services

Ask several questions before hiring a carpet cleaning service. Know exactly what you are getting. This helps to avoid surprises. Find out if the company charge for extra services. If they charge for extra services, ask for the cost of these services.Find out if the company move furniture if they need to. Ask about the products they will use and ask about the drying time.Some of your family members and even your pets may be allergic to certain cleaning detergents. Do not hide this from the carpet cleaning service. Ask the company to avoid using these detergents. These companies will not use these detergents.These are the best tips for choosing the right carpet cleaning service in Dallas. Make sure that you are choosing a company that has been cleaning carpets for several years, is insured and has a good reputation. If you pick the right carpeting cleaning company, you don’t have to worry about carpet cleaning Dallas because the company will clean your carpets regularly.

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