can you wash wood floors with water

Can You Wash Wood Floors With Water?

Wood floors add warmth to your home and can last a lifetime when properly maintained. However, if you clean them the wrong way, you may damage the floors or finish. The wood floor cleaning professionals in Dallas can help. 

It is important to learn how to clean wood floors to protect and maintain your investment. Wood floors do not hide dirt and grime as carpets do, so the steps required to clean them may seem high maintenance. Let’s discuss: can you wash wood floors with water?

Mop Wood Floors

As a rule of thumb, wood and water do not mix. Water may cause the floorboards to swell, cup, or shrink. Wood can act like a sponge when around water, so use a damp mop. 

To keep wood floors stable, you need an environment with the right humidity and temperature. If you mop your floors with a lot of water, you may experience raised floorboards, discoloration on the finish, and standing water. Excess water can seep into the floorboards and cause costly repairs. 

Rather than a bucket of water and a mop, use a soft microfiber dry/wet mop to clean floors. Apply a hardwood floor cleaning solution before wet mopping to remove tough stains. 

Do’s and Don’ts 

Do use the floor-cleaning product recommended by the manufacturer. If the cleaning products have become too costly and other floor cleaners contain ingredients that violate the warranty, create a mild solution using soap and water. 

Do not use oils, waxes, furniture sprays, and other non-approved solutions on wood floors. Oils leave residues, furniture sprays create slippery surfaces, and wax requires time to apply. Avoid using ammonia, vinegar, and abrasive cleaners that can dull and scratch the finish.

To summarize, can you wash wood floors with water? Yes, only if you avoid using too much water. Use appropriate wet mops and products for wood floors. 

Build a Cleaning Routine

To ensure your wood floors remain clean and shiny, consider following a cleaning schedule.

Daily Cleaning

Dust your floors regularly with a microfiber mop or cloth to prevent scratches and surface damage. Microfiber pads use static electricity to remove dirt, debris, and other household contaminants.

Weekly Cleaning

Weekly maintenance can take care of hard-to-reach areas. A wet mop removes dirt from problem areas, including corners and spaces between the hardwood floors. While mopping, do not put too much water on the floors and dry the surface thoroughly. 

Monthly Cleaning

If your home receives a lot of traffic, polish your wood floors every month. Mop the floor with a solution of a quarter cup of dish soap to a gallon of warm water to remove leftover cleaner residue. Afterward, dry the floors using a squeegee, sponge, or dry mop head.

Have a Professional Clean Your Wood Floors

Treat your floors like a spa day. If your schedule gets tight, hire CleanBright to have your wood floors professionally cleaned. Now that you have learned the answer to the question, “Can you wash wood floors with water?” read our hardwood floor mopping guide.

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