Mopping Hardwood Floors: How to Do It Properly?

Not many people have natural hardwood floors anymore. Those lucky enough to have them don’t always realize that there is a wrong way and a right way to mopping hardwood floors. The right way doesn’t have to involve crawling on your hands and needs, straining your back. At CleanBright, we understand what it takes to […]

How to Get the Smell Out of a Carpet: Top 5 Tips

Here at CleanBright, we are your go-to carpet cleaning experts in Dallas. Contact us today at 972-835-6206 to renew the good looks of your carpets. At CleanBright of Dallas, we offer a full range of cleaning services. We field skilled and experienced experts who know how to get the smell out of your carpet. Whether […]

How to Remove Blood from Carpet: Best Methods

There are times when life leaves us facing challenging situations and their messes. From severe injuries to minor accidents, sometimes it’s impossible to avoid getting difficult stains like blood on the carpet. If you’re facing carpet cleanup after an injury, don’t stress. With the proper steps, you can get your carpet looking good as new. […]

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet? Scheduling Guide

Whether the weather brings messy winter storms or wet fall showers, our carpets need a little extra TLC.  We Already Vacuum Regularly. Isn’t That Enough? There’s no doubt that we all want to make our home clean enough to keep the family healthy and tidy enough to welcome guests. Most of us have a cleaning […]

How to Maintain Hardwood Floors: Mistakes to Avoid

Hardwood floors add timeless beauty to your home, and learning how to maintain hardwood floors can keep your flooring in good condition for years to come. Unfortunately, even a small mistake can ruin the look of your floors. You can work with the hardwood floor cleaning experts in Dallas to learn more about the top […]