Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

Best Carpet Cleaning Methods For Your Floors

Carpet cleaning is something you have to go through a couple of times per years, and it is more frequent when you have toddlers and pets in your home. People are looking for the best method of carpet cleaning that will leave their carpet looking clean and fresh. There is a wide range of options to choose from, with each having its own pros and cons. There is a lot of mess created on a carpet, and a good cleaning method will leave your carpet looking clean and also smelling great. Below are some carpet cleaning methods in Dallas you can expect to get.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

This is commonly referred to as steam carpet cleanings. This type of cleaning uses high-pressure hot water to agitate the carpet fiber which then dissolves the dirt in the carpet.

How water extraction cleaning will involve applying a cleaning agent on the surface of the carpet, then agitating the surface using a brush, before rinsing it. Once the cleaning agent has settled in the carpet for a short time, the carpet is then washed using carpet cleaning equipment so that the surface can be rinsed off the cleaning agent. The carpet is then left to dry in a room that has an air-conditioned temperature. This is done to ensure that the carpet dries perfectly.

The process of cleaning a carpet will take 2 hours on average, and then at least 4 hours for it to dry. This is why you will be advised to bring your carpet in the late afternoon for cleaning. This will mean the carpet will be left overnight to dry. When you pick the carpet the next day, it will be properly dried and smelling great. Steam cleaning will have your carpet clean and smelling fresh in less than a day.

Carpet shampooing

This is a type of carpet cleaning that was popular until the 1970s when encapsulation was introduced. This can seem like the type of cleaning that will help clean carpets that have been heavily soiled, but there is a big disadvantage of this type of carpet cleaning. There will be a high amount of wet foam residues on the carpet, which can take a lot of time to dry. When it dries, it becomes sticky once it dries because there is no rinsing done once the shampoo has been applied on the carpet. There is also a rapid re-soiling of the carpet, which is why many people don’t like this type of carpet cleaning. The smell of the carpet can also be a little bad, depending on the type of shampoo used. This is not the best of options when it comes to carpet cleaning, so it is a good idea to choose another.

best carpet cleaning methods


Foam encapsulation’s base is synthetic detergents and will crystallize to powder foam when it dries. The loosened dirt particles inside the carpet will be encapsulated into the powder before drying of the foam, and then it is brushed or vacuumed when the foam has dried after the cleaning.

This type of carpet cleaning became popular in Dallas and people opted for it over carpet shampooing technology because it had less mess and uses far much less water to clean, which also means it will dry faster when compared to carpet shampooing. This type of cleaning has been able to receive thumbs up from people advocating for environmentally friendly products because it leaves behind less chemical residue after the cleaning has been done.

This type of carpet cleaning has good results, but it also has its own cons. It has not been able to clean heavy soiling on a carpet properly because of the limitation of this technology.

Bonnet Cleaning

This type of cleaning will leave the surface clean because it involved cleaning the top part of the carpet using a motorized machine that has a spinning pad which is immersed in a cleaning solution before the spinning. This will absorbs the dirt from the surface of the carpet. This is considered a quick fix because it doesn’t clean deeply, and the dirt will surface within a short time.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This is one of the latest cleaning technology in the market. It has become a popular way of carpet cleaning in the Dallas region because it is effective in cleaning, and it doesn’t need a lot of time to dry. This type of cleaning involves applying powder at the bottom of the carpet using a rotating brush machine so that the carpet fiber can be opened so that the compound can settle inside, which will ensure every part of the carpet has been cleaned properly.

The cleaning compound is usually made from biodegradable material working like micro-sponges, which will absorb the dissolved dirt. There are different cleaning compound or powders formula, depending on the manufacturer.