Month: April 2022

mopping hardwood floors

Mopping Hardwood Floors: How to Do It Properly?

Not many people have natural hardwood floors anymore. Those lucky enough to have them don’t always realize that there is a wrong way and a right way to mopping hardwood floors. The right way doesn’t have to involve crawling on your hands and needs, straining your back.

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The Right Tools

Properly cleaning hardwood floors requires two essential tools:

  • The right mop
  • The right cleaner

The Mop

The right mop must be flat with a broad head to ensure easy, full-floor coverage. It also needs to consist of microfiber materials to attract dust and debris and must be absorbent to prevent too much water on the floor.

The Cleaner

Proper hardwood floor cleaners are less complex than most would think. The best cleaners are a combination of alcohol and water. This combination is effective on dirt and grime while not abrasive or damaging to the wood surface.

Avoid soap-based cleaners or those with ammonia or bleach. They will damage the wood surface over time.

Frequent Cleaning

Dirt and debris particles left on wooden floors, with time, will agitate and wear down the wood surface. Regular cleaning with an angled broom or a dry microfiber mop is needed to prevent the build-up of dirt and debris.

Proper Mopping

There are two best method options for mopping hardwood floors:

  • Traditional mop and bucket
  • A wet jet mop for hardwood floors

Both work equally well. The key to note is that the mop head should consist of microfiber material regardless of choice.

If deciding to go with a traditional mop, remember to use only a damp mop, not a soaked one.

Cleaning with a mop and bucket is more traditional, and most would say it produces the best look overall while allowing you to mix your cleaning solution in the bucket. The wet jet is highly convenient while providing a great floor shine. It is the quickest of the options, and the fine mist cleaning solution prevents putting too much mop water on the floor.

Buff it Out

Saying this can bring to mind the dreaded large buffing machines of the past, but those are not necessary to keep your floors clean and shiny. Once mopping is complete and your floor is dry, go over it with a flat microfiber dry mop, which will buff out any remaining wetness or build-up and bring out the shine.

Rinse and Repeat. Sort Of.

Cleaning hardwood floors doesn’t involve rinsing, but the same idea. While this process doesn’t need to occur every day, frequent cleaning ensures the shine remains and debris is not left to damage the floors. Another thing to remember about mopping hardwood floors is moving furniture, area rugs, and other items to keep the color and shine even throughout the space.  

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